The Stylistic is a boutique branding studio curating and crafting style savvy brands.



Meet Anne Ragsdale Ainslie and Natalie DuBose Langley, the founders of The Stylistic, two women with a passion for style that were strangers until recently.

Moms, East Carolinians married to Virginians, former retail small business owners, avid travelers and women who have an “eat, drink and sleep” passion for design, style and southern hospitality. Anne was living in suburban New York, Natalie was living in central Virginia. Worlds away, but somehow all the stars were in alignment. They ended up meeting.



One day over lunch, (your guess if they sipped wine or sweet tea) they realized they had been living parallel lives… their passions, talents and future interests, same, same and (you guessed it) same. They were at that perfect pause in their lives. Their kids were in school. They were hungry for a challenge. They could run carpool in their sleep. And, they yearned for a creative outlet. They were each on the cusp of starting a business. But, in lieu of taking separate paths, they collaborated and The Stylistic was born. Beginning of a new story.


We launched as a lifestyle blog with a mission to help others infuse style into their everyday lives, but we have grown into a branding studio. Through our work this past year it became transparent that our expertise and enjoyment in branding trumped the rest. Transitioning into a boutique branding studio is a natural succession and simply feels right.